Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dewey's Read-a-Thon and Honor Harrington

'Tis that time of year again. Seems like the only times I update this blog lately are to chart my progress through the semi-annual Read-a-thon. And it's coming up again—starting at 7am (Texas time) on 22 October. I'm clearing my calendar and lining up the books that I want to read.

Speaking of the books that I want to read, most of August and September I was reading through the books in David Weber's Honor Harrington series rather than reading books that I had promised to send to my BookObsessed friends. I practically sailed through 5 novels—and then started in on the various short stories which fill in the gaps in the story line. (Wish I had started reading the short stories a long time ago and had kept up with the chronology.)

So, during August, I read four of the Honor Harrington novels: In Enemy Hands, Echoes of Honor, Ashes of Victory, and War of Honor. During the first weeks of September, I then read At All Costs. That's when I turned from the novels to the short stories and novellas to fill in the gaps. Those stories were published in five different collections and I decided to read them in order that they occurred in the story line rather than in the order they were written or published. Accordingly, due to the way that I keep my statistics, I don't get to count the pages until I finish the last story in a given book. And, fortunately, I finished reading Worlds of Honor in mid-September. I'm still reading the Honor Harrington short stories, so I completed Changer of Worlds this week and I'm well on my way to finishing The Service of the Sword.

Books mentioned in this post:

In Enemy Hands by David Weber Echoes of Honor by David Weber Ashes of Victory by David Weber War of Honor by David Weber At All Costs by David Weber Worlds of Honor by David Weber Changer of Worlds by David Weber The Service of the Sword by David Weber

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