Friday, October 28, 2011

Bout of Books: An update

Bout of Books Day 3 :: 26 October 2011

The best part about Wednesday was that I had another airline trip which means uninterrupted reading time. My flight was to leave Jacksonville at 7:15, and I got to the airport, turned in my car, checked in, progressed through security, and was seated at the departure area by 5:45. What's a girl to do? Read, of course. Which I did.

I started the day on page 231 in Lord of the Changing Winds by Rachel Neumeier, and finished the book shortly before we landed at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. It was a magnificent book and I have the second one in the series in hand and I can hardly wait until I start reading it. Unfortunately, I must finish up a couple of books which I owe to book swappers at BookObsessed before I can return to the world of the Griffin Mages.

So, as soon as I reclaimed my luggage and settled into the car for the trip home, I pulled out a copy of Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter by Blaize Clement. This cozy mystery was won by SailorArby, a fellow book swapper, and I knew that it should be a quick read. By the time we got back to my house, I was already on page 50! I really was beginning to resent the fact that I had to work all afternoon. I would have much preferred to be reading. But, after work was completed, I settled in for some reading during supper, watching a little bit of TV, and reading myself to sleep. I ended the day at page 118.

Bout of Books :: Day 3 summary

Books read today: 2
Books finished today: 1
Pages read today: 254
Total books finished: 1
Total pages read: 536

Bout of Books Day 4 :: 27 October 2011

Thursday was a normal work day. Since I wasn't traveling, I actually got to sleep until 8am, and from that time on, I was busy with e-mail, instant messaging, research, documentation, and experimentation. I did take a decent lunch break—reading most of the time—which took me up to page 151 in Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter. I cooked bratwurst for supper and my daughter stopped by to eat with us and visit a little while. I fully intended to get down to some serious reading after she left, but the World Series was on TV and I got all caught up in the excitement. Eventually, I settled down with my book and was on page 181 when it fell out of my hand for the last time and I set it aside and turned out the light.

Bout of Books :: Day 4 summary

Books read today: 1
Books finished today: 0
Pages read today: 63
Total books finished: 1
Total pages read: 599

Lord of the Changing Winds by Rachel Neumeier Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter by Blaize Clement

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