Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 hour completed - 23 to go

Hour 1 Update

Reading Location: The couch in my living room

Currently Reading: Bring It On by Laura Anne Gilman

Total Pages read so far: 24

Total Time spent reading so far: 60 minutes

Finished Books: none so far

Comments: In the first hour of the Read-a-Thon, I read pages 129-154 in Bring It On by Laura Anne Gilman. Roughly one page every 2 minutes—which is very slow for me—though I know I got distracted from time to time thinking about the process of recording my participation in the Read-a-Thon. I might have also zoned out a couple of times since I wasn't sitting up. Will need to put more effort into this in the next hour.

Now I'm off to check the website, Twitter, Facebook, and the blog of at least one other participant to leave a comment. After that, I'll be back to reading.

Bring It On by Laura Anne Gilman

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