Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nearing the 1/2-way mark

Hour 10 Update

Reading Location:On the couch in my living room

Currently Reading: Corpse Pose by Diana Killian

Total Pages read so far: 352

Total Time spent reading so far: 389 minutes

Other Readers I have visited:

  • Azuki, a BookCrossing and BookObssessed pal who lives in Miami
  • Shaunesay, another BC/BO friend who lives in Kansas
  • Nikki, someone new I'm meeting through the Read-a-Thon
  • VeganMedusa, another BC/BO friend who lives in New Zealand. She hasn't posted anything to her blog yet; wonder if she's still asleep.
  • Ann, who used to swap books with us at BookCrossing and BookObsessed, but now reads mostly eBooks.
  • Kanaye, also a BC/BO friend who signed up for this Read-a-Thon but who hasn't posted anything yet.

Mini-challenges completed: Just the Introduction

Finished Books:

  • Bring It On by Laura Anne Gilman

Comments: While things aren't improving—and are actually getting much worse—over at the Auburn-LSU game, I'm just charging along with the reading. In the pase 34 minutes, I read 40 pages in Corpse Pose by Diana Killian. Like most cozy mysteries, it's an easy book to read with an engaging plot and appealing characters, so I'm simply gobbling up the pages. Sure wish that Auburn was making a better showing against LSU. While it's no shame to be beat by the Number 1 team in the nation, I'm not happy that the scores are so far apart—3/4 of the way through the 3rd quarter and the score is 42-3. It's not been a good day for my alma mater. But it's been a very good day for the Read-a-Thon. As we move into the 11th hour of the Read-a-Thon, I'm hanging in there really strong.

Bring It On by Laura Anne Gilman Corpse Pose by Diana Killian

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  1. EEEEEEP!! I can't believe we're almost halfway through.

    Happy readathoning from a fellow Texas. ;)

    Give me an R
    Give me an E
    Give me an A
    Give me a D

    And hope things improve with the ball game.