Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oh! Oh! It's almost time for the Read-aThon to begin. I'm busy lining everything up. The list of readers has been posted and I've quickly scanned to see who has signed up.

See, there I am on the list! Of the 419 registered participants, I know about 10 through other bookish activities. I plan to "meet" a couple more today as I follow their blogs.

Took a quick look at Twitter to see what others are saying about the Read-a-Thon. Followed a tweet to Kai's blog post which is talking about preparing one's self for the Read-a-Thon. It made me feel good to know that from past experience I already was following all of her tips.

Well, I only have 15 minutes to get myself something to drink and then I'm going to plunge right into Bring It On by Laura Anne Gilman. I'm starting the Read-a-Thon on page 129 (of 398). Of the other books which I have lined up, there are a couple which I'm also resuming in the middle. I always have more than one book going at a time!

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