Saturday, January 06, 2007

Size 12 Is Not Fat

Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot Imagine Britney Spears (now 25 years old) loses all her contracts, has her money embezzled, and has to support herself with a real job. That's the situation that Heather Mills, the heroine of this book, finds herself in. So, she finds a job as assistant director of a college dorm err... residence hall in New York City.

Patiently waiting out her six months probation so she can take advantage of the free tuition given to university employees, Heather is shocked when within one week two residents die from falls in the elevator shafts. The police and campus officials determine that the deaths were accidents from "elevator surfing", but Heather is convinced that the two girls were murdered. Even if no one agrees with her, she's determined to find out who the murderer is. And, as you'd expect, her investigations put her in danger.

Told in the first person, the book is a charming read by the author of The Princess Diaries.

2 / 120 (1.76%)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dangerous Tides

Dangerous Tides  by Christine FeehanDangerous Tides is #4 in the Drake Sisters series by Christine Feehan. I picked up #3 a year or so ago and knew that I wanted to read more. I have the first two in the series on my wish list.

Libby Drake is the fourth of the seven Drake sisters; daughters of a seventh sister. Of course they possess magical talents. Libby is a physician, but also a healer. All her life she's felt like the "good girl" and longs to be just a little bit naughty. She gets her chance when her path [re]-crosses with Tyson Derrick. Ty and Libby went to school together, and each was attracted to the other, but both were simply sure that the other wasn't interested.

While telling a good story with just the right mix of romance and suspense, Feehan sets up subsequent stories very well. Watch out for the explicit sex scenes if those bother you.

1 / 120 (0.83%)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A new year ... a new start

I started 2007 with a couple of goals:

  • Read at least 10 books a month; 120 for the year
  • Keep this READING blog up to date
  • Write something—from a word to a full essay—each and every day in my paper journal

That's it. Should be straight-forward and accomplishable. They're not resolutions, just goals.

That said, I'm 2/3 of the way through Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan. It's the fourth in her Drake Sisters series. I've read #3 and I have the first two books on my "want to read" list. There are lots of books hanging around here that I plan to read. Iris Johansen's newest is sitting in Jaime's room along with two from Meg Cabot. There's a trilogy by Nora Roberts sitting on the bookcase and the box that travelled with me to Virginia in November still has a couple of unread books in it.

Small steps. The first two goals require that I keep track of which books I read ... which can be written in my journal. It's a plan!