Friday, July 04, 2003

Catching up - Steps to the Altar and Hour of the Hunter

Just because I didn't post anything, it doesn't mean that I stopped reading. Quite the opposite. I've been reading whenever I can find free time. That tends to be when I'm in motion -- travelling in the car or airplane.

I can't begin to list every book I've read since last September. Heck, I don't even remember what I've read. But, here's the books I finished just the past couple of weeks.

Steps to the Altar by Earlene Fowler

This is the ninth book in the series and one of the best so far. More of the book focused on the relationship between Benni and Gabe. The murder she's solving is half a century old, so there's no particular urgency there. Instead, the tensions come from her own marital problems and the pending weddings of Elvia to Emory and Grandma Dove to Isaac.

Hour of the Hunter by J.A. Jance

This was a great find at a friend's house. The characters in this book are not related to either of J. A. Jance's two main detectives. I found the entire story disturbing—the villain in this book is truly evil. The good guys prevail, but not totally unscathed. I particularly liked the mutual acceptance of Papago traditional beliefs and Christianity.