Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Summary: 17 May 2015

Where I've been reading

Most of the week was spent in Las Vegas where I was attending a conference. My days were very long and I had to work very hard to squeeze in some reading time each day. Then we drove home on Friday and Saturday, giving me a lot of uninterrupted time to read.


What I've been reading: Completed this week

Book Cover: Blanche Cleans Up by Barbara Neely Format: eBook
Source: eGalley ARC from NetGalley
Completed: 10 May


In Blanche Cleans Up, she is still living in Boston, raising her sister's children. When her friend Miz Inez decided to take a short trip back to their home in North Carolina, Blanch agrees to substitute for for her as the housekeeper and cook in the home of gubernatorial candidate Allister Brindle and his wife Felicia. Miz Inez's son, Ray-Ray shows up at the Brindle estate acting very suspiciously and then drowns in the local pool shortly afterward. Blanche is convinced that Ray-Ray was murdered, even though the police are calling it an accident. It is up to Blanche to figure out whether it was a cruel accident or murder.

Book Cover: The Devil's Novice by Ellis Peters Format: eBook
Source: borrowed from library via Freading
Completed: 14 May


Young Meriet comes to the Abbey of Saints Peter and Paul asking to commit himself to the monastic life. But his sleep is tormented by nightmares and his outcries disturb the sleep of all within the dormitory. The younger novices begin to call Meriet “the Devil's Novice”. Meriet is soon linked to the disappearance and murder of a priestly envoy who had passed through the area just days before Meriet arrived at the monastery. Most are convinced that he's a murderer, but Brother Cadfael is convinced that Meriet is innocent—and sets out to discover exactly what happened to the murdered priest.

Book Cover: A Nomadic Witch by Debora Geary Format: eBook
Source: borrowed from Kindle Lending Library
Completed: 15 May


In A Nomadic Witch grumpy old Marcus finds himself responsible for a baby left on his doorstep. Not just any baby, but one with the magical power for astral travel. Many years ago, Marcus's twin brother was lost at age five when he never returned to his body. Now, as Marcus and the rest of Witch Central band together to care for this little girl, they may actually discover the power to protect all of those with the ability for astral travel.

What I've been reading: In progress

Book Cover: The Firebird Mystery by Darrell Pitt The Firebird Mystery is a steampunk adventure for young adults by Darrell Pitt. As the story begins, Jack Mason is chosen to leave the orphanage and become assistant to Consulting Detective Ignacius Doyle. Not even a full day on the job, Jack and Doyle and Scarlet Bell are off tracking down Scarlet's father and stumbling into a Nazi plot that threatens the entire world. Great setting in Europe between the wars with steam-powered airships and towers miles and miles tall. Fun reading so far.

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  1. Blanche cleans up looks interesting. Is it part of a series?

    1. Yes, it's the third of four books in the series. I should have provided a link to the full review: Review: Blanche Cleans Up. You don't have to read the books in order, but it's interesting to watch the main characters develop.