Thursday, May 14, 2015

Interesting books at Freading

It's been three months since I posted about books available through If you're not familiar with it, Freading is a provider of electronic books for libraries. I'm so excited that my local public library subscribes to Freading as I have found so many books in their catalog that I want to read. By the way, unlike most of my posts, the cover images are linked to the Freading catalog rather than to


An author whose books I like very much is Wanda Brunstetter. She writes romance novels set in Amish communities. The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club introduces Emma Yoder who has decided to offer quilting lessons. A rag-tag group of people sign up for her classes. What started out as a diverse group become friends over time. The subsequent books, The Tattered Quilt and The Healing Quilt follow Emma as she teaches additional classes. Disparate people come together and slowly friendships are formed and healing happens.

Book Cover: The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club by Wanda E Brunstetter Book Cover: The Tattered Quilt by Wanda E Brunstetter Book Cover: The Healing Quilt by Wanda E Brunstetter


I found a fantasy set in a Japan that never was, the Tomoe Gozen Saga. Originally published in 1981-84, new eBook editions are now available.

In a land of gods and monsters, there is nothing more powerful than a samurai's honor—and there is no samurai more honorable than Tomoe Gozen. A woman fighting in a man's world, she has the power to topple kingdoms and bring the gods to their knees. Tomoe’s journey begins in The Disfavored Hero, when an evil wizard brings her back to life, forcing her to dishonor herself by fighting against her master. In The Golden Naganita, Tomoe flees her father’s house and goes in search of a cursed blade, and in Thousand Shrine Warrior, she attempts to make a new life as a nun, but finds that she cannot escape her bloody destiny.

Book Cover: The Disfavored Hero by Jessica Amanda Salmonson Book Cover: The Golden Naginata by Jessica Amanda Salmonson Book Cover: Thousand Shrine Warrior by Jessica Amanda Salmonson


Book Cover: The Lost Concerto by Helaine Mario A young mother and her son have sought refuge in a convent on a remote island. When the mother mysteriously dies, her son disappears. Maggie O'Shea is a concert pianist, grieving the death of her husband, and godmother of the missing boy. When she goes looking for her missing godson, she finds herself tangled up with terrorists and stolen art and musical artifacts.

Did you every run across a book that just yelled at you, “Hey! Look at me!”? Well, The Lost Concerto did just that. I can't count the number of times I've been browsing the catalog at Freading and have clicked on the cover to see the description of the book. This book just demands my attention.

So why haven't I borrowed the book already? Because it's “coming soon”. According to Goodreads, it's due to be published on July 1st. Guess I'll be waiting a while before I can read it.

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