Monday, January 05, 2015

Bout of Books 12: Starting Post

Bout of Books For Bout of Books 12, the organizers have decided to do away with linking goals. Participants are welcome to set goals if they wish, but there will be less emphasis on tracking toward declared goals. That suits me.

For almost every Bout of Books, I've set a simple goal: “My only real goal is to spend as much time reading as I can and to have fun!” That pretty much sums it up—I only join read-a-thons because I find them a fun way to get together with other readers online.

Books to Read

I'm currently reading Poison Flower by Thomas Perry. I received an Advance Reader Copy of Perry's A String of Beads which I need to read as soon as possible and post a review, so these two will be my primary focus for the next couple of days. After that, I'll be reading an ARC of Unbreakable by W. C. Bauers. Also, I need to finish reading Echo Burning by Lee Child which I borrowed from the library. It's due back at the end of the week, and I may have to request a renewal if I don't finish it quickly.

Book Cover: Poison Flower by Thomas Perry Book Cover: A String of Beads by Thomas Perry Book Cover: Unbreakable by W C Bauers Book Cover: Echo Burning by Lee Child

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