Sunday, December 07, 2014

2015 Reading Challenges - Part 2, 42 SF Challenge

Since I'm organizing this challenge for 2015, it would only be appropriate for me to join in! And, the reason why I revived the challenge is because I wanted to participate in it.

The 42 Science Fiction Challenge is about all things science fiction. Books, surely. But also films, TV shows, audio/podcasts, short stories, essays, interviews, even games. If it's science fiction, it's suitable for this challenge. And, it's about reviews. Those who accept the challenge will not only enjoy the SF item, but will share that enjoyment with everyone in the form of a review. And, those who complete the challenge will be eligible to win a prize.

If you enjoy science fiction in any or all of its forms, please join us. Visit the sign-up post and link up. You can leave a comment, too.

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