Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dewey: An Update

Good evening. 14 hours have elapsed since the read-a-thon began—for me at 5:00 am! I've been reading all day and now it's time to take a short break and tell you all about it.

Yes, I was up and writing my kick-off post at 5 am. I was only able to read for a very short time before I had to pack our bags and tend to a very hungry 4-year-old. Shortly after the hotel's breakfast buffet opened at 6 am, we were downstairs eating eggs and waffles. We pulled out of the hotel's parking lot shortly before 7 and I settled down for some serious reading. Since I could not get online while we were traveling, I tweeted periodically with a status update.

We rolled into Las Vegas around 8:30 and by 9 am we were unloading the granddaughter at her mother's house. Hubby had made arrangements to meet with his brother and sister-in-law, so we drove across town and joined them for brunch. After a lovely visit around the restaurant table, we were back on the road, driving from Las Vegas to Flagstaff by way of St. George, Utah. We just finished supper and checked into a hotel in Flagstaff.

What I've been reading

I started off the morning reading POD by Tobias Roote, the second book in his Pattern Universe science fiction series. Mid-morning, I switched to Magic 101 by Mercedes Lackey, and finished it around 16:22. Rather than go back to POD, I decided to read another of Lackey's Diana Tregard paranormal mysteries, so I chose Burning Water. At this time, I'm 18% of the way into the book.

Book Cover: POD by Tobias Roote Magic 101 by Mercedes Lackey Burning Water by Mercedes Lackey


Total Pages read so far: 248 pages
Total Time spent reading so far: 412 minutes
Finished Books: 1: Magic 101 by Mercedes Lackey


  1. It sounds like you are doing very well! I love the drive around St. George - and Flagstaff is gorgeous too. Keep on reading!

  2. I am impressed by how much you've read despite a hectic travel day! That is Readathon dedication!