Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bout of Books: Day 1 Recap

One day down, six more to go. With the Bout of Books read-a-thon beginning on a Monday morning, I'm immediately confronted with a problem: How am I going to find enough time to read when I have to work all day? I did decide to start off the read-a-thon by reading for an hour starting at 00:01 on Monday morning. Since much of the “community” aspect of Bout of Books is taking place on Twitter, I sent a tweet containing the read-a-thon's hashtag and then headed to bed.


Number of books I’ve read today: 1
Number of pages I've read today: 140
Number of books completed today: 0
Total number of books I’ve read: 1
Total number of pages I've read: 140
Total number of books completed: 0
Books: Changeless by Gail Carriger


  1. Owww... I loved Changeless. I have Timeless on my list. ;)

    1. Timeless is on my wishlist. I have Blameless and Heartless in hand and will be reading them both very soon.