Sunday, May 09, 2010

Reading on Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day in the USA and I'm nowhere near my children. Instead, I'm at the Las Vegas airport (McCarran International Airport) and taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal. I sure wish every airport would cater to travelers in a similar manner. I do belong to American Airline's Admiral's Club, so whenever I'm in an airport where there is a club, I can use the network provided there. But it's terribly nice to be able to use the laptop out here near my departure gate as boarding time draws near.

I'm flying to LaGuardia airport in NYC, by way of DFW, and then will take a rental car and drive to Poughkeepsie where I have meetings all week long. In my carry-on bag—the backpack for my laptop—I have two paperback books.

Where There's a Witch by Madelyn AltFirst is Where There's a Witch by Madelyn Alt, fifth in her Bewitching Mysteries series. I'm on page 160 of 290 and fully expect to finish this book before I land in Dallas. I'll be mailing this book along with No Rest for the Wiccan to LoriPed in Oregon.

King's Son, Magic's Son by Josepha Sherman The second book is King's Son, Magic's Son by Josepha Sherman. I've owned this book for many, many years, but never felt motivated to read it. When I offered it in last November's Young Adult swap at BookObsessed, I was putting myself on notice that I had to get it read within a couple of months so I could mail it out to Kanaye. My time is running out and I need to get it read or be forced to mail it off without reading it.

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison And, if that weren't enough for 7 hours of flight time—not to mention the time spent in the airports—I have my Kindle with me. I'm currently well engaged in Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. I have the 2nd and 3rd books in this series waiting for me at my house and I can't start reading them until I finish the first one. (Well, I guess I could read them out of order, but that just seems so wrong to me.)

So, Happy Mother's Day to all those I love who are mothers—in particular my two daughters-in-law who are celebrating their very first Mother's Day. Love and Kisses from Nana!

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