Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm a Winner

Rumor Has It by Jill Mansell To celebrate the US release of her novel, Rumor Has It, the bloggers at Yankee Romance Reviewers invited Jill Mansell to post a guest spot. Published in the UK in 2009, Rumor Has It is now available in the US from publisher Sourcebooks Landmark. And, Sourcebooks was offering two copies of Rumor Has It to be given to blog readers. The contest for the books was to post a comment with a question for Jill.

I first "discovered" Jill's books several years ago during a business trip to the UK when I was looking for books to take home with me. My experience had been that there were a number of authors who were well known in the UK, but whose books were not readily available in the US. Case in point with Rebecca Shaw's Turnham Malpas village novels. I have enjoyed reading those, but each time I'm ready for the next book in the series, I have to order it from the UK since no US publisher has picked up her books and no local book stores can get the copy for me.

So I walked into the Oxfam book shop in Winchester and asked the clerks to help me select some representative books by British, Irish, and Scottish female authors. They brought me some more of the Turnham Malpas books and then introduced me to Marika Cobbold, Mavis Cheek, Judy Astley, Jill Mansell, and more.

Lately, I've been swapping Mansell's books over at BookObsessed. In August 2008, I picked up Making Up Your Mind which was sent to me by RootMartin from the YBS swap. Having thoroughly enjoyed it, I passed it along to Boomda in a Chick-Lit swap. And, last September I received Millie's Fling from Jordanne. Unfortunately, it's still on my overflowing TBR stack.

Thank you very much to Jill and Sourcebooks for making the copies available. Thank you to Yankee Romance Readers for inviting Jill to post and for selecting me as one of the recipients for this give-away.

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