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In My Mailbox: 9 May 2010

Mailbox I was on the road last Sunday and forgot to post an "In My Mailbox" entry. And, I'm still on the road today—posting from 31,000 feet in the air courtesy of American Airlines and the Gogo Inflight Internet. So, I'm relying on my daughter's e-mails to tell me which books I have received this week. She's picking up my mail and opening the book packages.

To start with, I opened a package on 1 May which was sent to me as a May Day Exchange book from a fellow member of the online book swapping group at BookObsessed. Tanya sent me a wishlist book: The Witch's Tongue by James D Doss. I'm thrilled to get this book. It's the 9th (of 14 so far) in the Charlie Moon series and the very next one that I need to read to catch up.

Then, a package arrived from a member of BookMooch. I've long had The Book of Light by Michelle Blake on my wishlist not only at BookMooch, but at BookCrossing and GoodReads as well.

The same day as the book from BookMooch arrived, I also received a package from This contained five books that I had ordered about three weeks ago, but the shipment was delayed because I placed the order before the publication/release date of one of the books. In the box were:

  1. Return to Sullivans Island by Dorothea Benton Frank. This was the pre-order book. My mother-in-law wants to read this book and it will be going to her as soon as my hubby goes up to visit her; probably next weekend. I'll read it when she returns it to me.
  2. Blonde with a wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson. This is the first in a new series that she's calling "Babes on Brooms".
  3. Chick with a Charm by Vicki Lewis Thompson. The second in the Babes on Brooms series. My daughter has laid claim to both of these books and has probably already taken them to her house. That's OK. I'll get them back soon enough and it's not like I don't have too many TBRs floating around in the first place.
  4. Ghouls Gone Wild by Victoria Laurie. This is #4 in her Ghost Hunter Mysteries. I read the first two last August and #3 in November. I'll be reading this one pretty quickly and then sending it along to a fellow BookObssessor.
  5. First Meeting in Ender's Universe by Orson Scott Card. I bought this one for my #2 son. It's a book of short stories and novellas-including the novella that launched the entire Ender series-which he had been looking for but was unable to find in the local bookstores.
Several books arrived from fellow BookCrossers and BookObssessors. Fortunately, my daughter is able to log into my account at BookCrossing and create a journal entry to let the sender know that the book has been received. This week, I received books from:
  1. Kathy who sent me Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott.
  2. Terra who sent A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris—subtitled "Sookie Stackhouse: The Complete Stories" from for our Paranormal Devils exchange group at BookObsessed
  3. Delaniamac in Tennessee sent a copy of Bitten by Cupid by Lynsay Sands, Jaime Rush and Pamela Palmer. I'm not sure why this one came my way. I don't have it on a list of those I am expecting from various swaps and book boxes, so I need to follow this one up and be sure to say "thank you"

And last, but certainly not least, I unwrapped a birthday present today sent by a fellow BookObssessor. Jodi sent me three wishlist books:

  1. Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade by Diana Gabaldon. This is particularly appropriate since I read Lord John and the Private Matter just a few days ago on the trip from Dallas to Las Vegas.
  2. Wishbones by Carolyn Haines. This is the 8th book in the series and the very next one I need to read to move ahead.
  3. The Android's Dream by John Scalzi. I discovered Scalzi just 2 years ago and have enjoyed reading his novels, so I'm looking forward to getting into this one.

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