Saturday, May 29, 2010

Read and Release at Eight years ago today, I joined BookCrossing and registered my first book: Ancient Ones by Kirk Mitchell. The next day, I left it at McDonald's on Kimball Avenue in Southlake, Texas. I don't know if anyone picked it up or not, but they never went to the BookCrossing web site and journaled the book's status.

Ancient Ones by Kirk Mitchell Since then, according to the statistics at BookCrossing, I've registered 1,650 books. But after their recent upgrade, they're counting the pre-numbered labels that I generated but which have not yet been used, so if you subtract those 672 potential books, then I've really registered 978 books. Now, that's nothing to sneeze at, but quite a bit shy of the 1,650 that BookCrossing thinks I've registered.

My participation at BookCrossing has led me to the now defunct BookRelay site and its follow-on at There, I find fellow readers and BookCrossers who like to participate in group swaps and virtual book boxes to exchange books. My daughter also participates at BookCrossing and we have fun creating journal entries for the books which we share before sending them along to other readers.

If you're a lover of books and would like to see your books enjoyed by others, pleas join me at BookCrossing or BookObsessed. Be sure to tell them that Elsi sent you.

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