Saturday, October 24, 2009

Status at Hour 17

I just finished reading Bitten and Smitten, the 113th book I have read in 2009 and the 14th read in October. I've updated the lists I keep on my laptop, marked the book read in the Kindle by attaching a note to it, and updated the home page and list of books read in 2009 posted right here at this blogging site.

The Tale of Hill Top Farm by Susan Wittig Albert       Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris

After a quick look at the Read-a-thon home page and a glance at the PUF Swap going on at BookObsessed, I'm going to start on my next book. Not sure if it's going to be Shakespeare's Christmas or The Tale of Hill Top Farm. Both are books that I owe to fellow BookCrossing and BookObsessed members, but right now I'm just not very sure which one is going to grab my attention. Of course, in my next post, I'll be sure to include my progress in whichever book I'm reading. Until then...

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  1. Go Elsi go! I really would like to participate in this sometime, but I'm not sure my short attention span could take it! lol! I've enjoyed reading through your experience though, hope you're enjoying yourself! :)