Saturday, October 24, 2009

Read-a-Thon pause

I need a break that involves moving around! I suddenly realized that I'm doing a quick little “head nod” every few minutes and I'm not making any progress in my book. Must be due to fixing lunch during my last break and scarfing it down as I started reading Visions of Sugar Plums.

Beth Fish posted a mini-challenge asking “bet you're starting to look at your snack stash. I'm not talking meals at this hour. I'm talking about food that helps you keep reading along. So this is what I want to know. What's in your snack pile?”. My only snack is something to drink. I started with a Diet Coke first thing this morning because I like my caffeine carbonated. Then, I moved to iced tea. I'm no longer snacking—I've lost around 35 pounds since mid-April and I'm now wearing a brand new pair of trousers two sizes (TWO sizes) smaller than I was wearing in April.

Instead of snacking, I'm eating healthful meals. I started with breakfast at The Old West a local diner. Of course I read all the way to the diner, while we ate, and all the way home. I'm not fond of breakfast and one major change I made in my diet was to make sure that I eat every morning. Today I had an omelet made with egg whites & lots of veggies, one slice of dry whole wheat toast, and some fresh strawberries. For lunch, I made soup from the left-overs of last night's crock-pot chicken. I just love my immersion blender because it's so easy to concoct a decent soup from left-overs.

Eating while reading is a bit tricky, particularly soup ... while sitting on the couch. Yeah, I should have sat down at the kitchen table, but instead I brought my soup bowl and glass of iced tea back to the couch and proceeded to resume reading. I have four spots on my t-shirt from drips that didn't make it to my mouth, but I didn't spill anything on my book! Priorities, you know.

OK. I need to move around a bit so I can stay awake and then I'm going to return to Visions of Sugar Plums— page 109 of 164.

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  1. Woo Hooo!!!! Congrats on your weight loss. Awesome.