Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hit my first dud

It's really not a dud, but I'm 47 pages into Wedding Belles by Haywood Smith and I'm just not enjoying it. Now that's a shame, because I was so thrilled to see this one on the shelf at the library and even though I knew it was going to cut into my progress reading the books that I owe to other book swappers, I eagerly checked it out and brought it home. But I'm not enjoying it. It's starting out with a much more serious tone than the previous two in Smith's “Red Hat Club” series—at least I think it's starting out more somberly. Could be that my memory is bad given the number of years since I read either of the other books.

So, I'm going to pick up my Kindle and see what speaks to me from it. I have picked up almost every free book that Amazon has offered and many freebies from other sources, so there are a lot of books to choose from and many of them are excellent titles. Since it's getting close to supper time, I'll take my Kindle to dinner and post again when I get home.


  1. Bummer...but way to know when to fold 'em. I had to put a book down about 50 pages into it, too, not because it was bad, it just wasn't great Read-a-thon material. It's just frustrating because you could have been reading something else. Regardless, keep reading!

  2. I'm popping by to offer some cheering! Give me an R! Give me an E! Give me an A! Give me a D! What does that spell?! Read! Read! Read!

    I've totally abandoned books in past read-a-thons; it's frustrating, but better than slogging through them! :)