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Fourth Quarter 2008 - Reading Update

Now that the fourth quarter has come to an end—and therefore the year as well—I need to post a couple of entries here. First is the list of books read during the last three months of 2008. Later I'll add a “year in review” post.

From October through December, I completed 35 books. Almost half of those were read in December; which can be attributed to a cross-country car trip and the long Christmas holiday at the end of the month. Those 35 books contained approximately 12,362 pages—and I say “approximately” because I had to estimate the number of pages in electronic and audio books. Where the book was also available in a print edition, I used the page count from's summary of the paperback edition. Where the book was not available in print, I had to estimate based on comparative length.

106. All Mortal Flesh, Julia Spencer-Fleming (2 Oct, Kindle)
107. MotherShip, Tony Chandler (4 Oct, Kindle)
108. I Shall Not Want, Julia Spencer-Fleming (6 Oct, Kindle)
109. Living Dead in Dallas, Charlaine Harris (8 Oct, Kindle)
110. Full of Grace, Dorothea Benton Frank (11 Oct, TP)
111. Daughter of the Sun, Barbara Wood (13 Oct, TP)
112. The Bookman's Promise, John Dunning (17 Oct, MMP)
113. Wolf Tower, Tanith Lee (19 Oct, TP)
114. Shakespeare's Landlord, Charlaine Harris (22 Oct, MMP)
115. The Birth of Venus, Sarah Dunant (26 Oct, TP)
116. Staying Dead, Laura Anne Gilman (29 Oct, MMP)
117. A Dress to Die For, Dolores Johnson (1 Nov, MMP)
118. Say It With Poison, Ann Granger (3 Nov, MMP)
119. Soul Identity, Dennis Batchelder (5 Nov, Kindle)
120. Once a Hero, Elizabeth Moon (10 Nov, Blackberry)
121. Hunting Party, Elizabeth Moon (13 Nov, Kindle/Sony)
122. Sporting Chance, Elizabeth Moon (17 Nov, Kindle/Sony)
123. 4th of July, James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (19 Nov, MMP)
124. Winning Colors, Elizabeth Moon (27 Nov, Kindle)
125. Girl's Guide to Witchcraft, Mindy Klasky (1 Dec, TP)
126. Shakespeare's Champion, Charlaine Harris (2 Dec, MMP)
127. Rules of Engagement, Elizabeth Moon (3 Dec, Blackberry)
128. Hunting Fear, Kay Hooper (3 Dec, MMP)
129. 5th Horseman, James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (5 Dec, MMP)
130. After Long Silence, Sherri S Tepper (7 Dec, MMP)
131. MaidenFlight, Bianca D'Arc (10 Dec, Kindle)
132. Master of the Night, Angela Knight (12 Dec, MMP)
133. The Parting, Beverly Lewis (14 Dec, TP)
134. The Forbidden, Beverly Lewis (16 Dec, TP)
135. Kingdom of Cages, Sarah Zettel (19 Dec, MMP)
136. Chill of Fear, Kay Hooper (21 Dec, HB)
137. Sleeping with Fear, Kay Hooper (23 Dec, MMP)
138. A Shadow in Summer, Daniel Abraham (27 Dec, MMP)
139. Club Dead, Charlaine Harris (29 Dec, Kindle)
140. High Noon, Nora Roberts (31 Dec, Audio) (My/Ro)

As in the earlier quarters, I read several books that qualified as Chunksters. The 5 that helped me meet this challenge this quarter were Daughter of the Sun with 453 pages; The Bookman's Promise with 469; Rules of Engagement with 512; Kingdom of Cages with 588; and High Noon with 496 pages.

I believe that one reason for keeping this data is not only for the record, but also to provide an summary. So here are a couple of statistics from the books read in fourth quarter 2008:

Breakdown by genre:

  • Adventure: 1
  • Fantasy: 8
  • Historical: 2
  • Mainstream: 3
  • Mystery: 13
  • SciFi: 8
Breakdown by format:
  • Mass-market paperback: 14
  • Trade paperback: 7
  • Hardback: 1
  • eBook: 12
  • Audio book: 1
Sources for eBooks:
  • Free from Amazon: 1
  • Purchased from Amazon: 6
  • Purchased from Baen: 5

140 / 120 (116.67%)

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