Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meeting reading friends

I met Nessa and Becky for supper tonight. I've known them online for a little over a year at the BookObsessed site where we swap books and chat about them in the various forums. I'm working this week in Dublin, OH (at the NW corner of Columbus) and they drove up from Cincinnati to meet me. Nessa suggested we meet at the Food Court at Prime Outlets in Jeffersonville. That's about 40 miles south of Columbus and I don't know, maybe 70 miles north of Cincinnati.

After we ate dinner in the Food Court, we marched over to the Border's Outlet, each of us saying "I have no will power". While they didn't have a great selection, many of the books were BOGOF (buy one, get one free). I picked up two audio books (unabridged on CD) marked $3.99 each and discovered at the checkout that they were buy one, get one free. Heck, four Lindnor chocolate truffles cost almost as much as the books. Of course, since we weren't good at suppressing each other's buying inclinations, I went back to the shelves and picked up a book as well.

Purchased at Border's Outlet:

  • The Religion by Tim Willocks (21 CDs)
  • Heart Sick by Chelsea Cain (9 CDs)
  • Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

The lady working at Border's was fun to talk with and Pepper asked her to take our picture to post & share. I need to find out if she's going to post the pictures anywhere & then I'll link to them.

Oh yes—I got swap books, too, since both Nessa and Becky brought books to me.

  • The Aware by Glenda Larke from PepperVL (SFF VBB)
  • Drinking Midnight Wine by Simon R Green from rebeccaljames (SF Swap)
  • Full Tilt by Janet Evanovich from rebeccaljames (Everybook VBB)
  • Camulod Chronicles #1: The Skystone by Jack Whyte from PepperVL (RAK)
  • Camulod Chronicles #2: The Singing Sword by Jack Whyte from PepperVL (RAK)

It was lots of fun to meet BOers.

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