Thursday, October 30, 2008

Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder

Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder Yesterday, I started reading a fantastic book, Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder. This book appears to have been self-published, and I'm generally a bit leary of books that have not been through the usual editing and production process. Most of the self-published or print-on-demand books I've read have been average at best. I'm pleased to say that this is not the case with this book. It is well-written in every way. Sporting a great fantasy concept with excellent character development, I can strongly recommend this book. It appears to be available at,, and I bought the Kindle eBook and I'm thrilled that someone recommended it to me.

According to the author's blog the book has been optioned for a movie and he is busy writing a sequel. And, given that the author has discovered BookCrossing and thinks it's a cool idea and he built his own MobiPocket eBooks, he's got to be a good guy all around.

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  1. dennis batchelder23 November, 2008 05:42


    wow, it was really nice to find your blog and to read the nice things you said about "soul identity".

    i'm really glad you enjoyed the book.