Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 --- the year in review

I have to admit, 140 books for the year is a nice round number. That's how many books I finished reading during the year. I started ever so many more. Most of those I'm considering “in-progress” rather than “abandoned”, but only time will tell. And, I resumed reading a couple of those in-progress books as December was coming to an end so that I would have a higher probability of finishing them and being able to add them to my list for the year.

It's not the highest number of books that I've read in a year, but it's probably a little bit higher than my recent average. And, since the number of books can be deceptive if I read a lot of young adult fiction, I decided to keep track of the number of pages as well as the number of books. The Chunkster Challenge also encouraged me to include some really long books as well as shorter ones.

To keep a record of what books I have completed, I keep a text file on my laptop. Here's one entry from 2008:

99. Justice Denied, J A Jance (13 Sep, MMP) (My) 420 pages : 36,250
It's probably quite obvious what information is recorded: The book number, title, and author. Then the date I finished reading it and the format of the book. Next is the genre, number of pages in the book, and the cumulative page count. I also keep some running totals by month and by genre, and for electronic books I record the source of the book file—whether I purchased it or downloaded it for free.

So here are some statistics derived from this data file.

Summary by genre:

  • Adventure: 2
  • Chicklit: 6
  • Classic: 3
  • Fantasy: 23
  • Historical: 6
  • Mainstream: 9
  • Mystery: 50
  • Romance: 3
  • SciFi: 37

Percentage by genre:
Pie Chart; 2008 by genre

Summary by format:

  • Audio: 5
  • Electronic Books: 56
  • Hardback: 4
  • Mass Market Paperback: 59
  • Trade Paperback: 16

Percentage by format:
Pie Chart; 2008 by format

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