Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Summary: 2014-09-14

Another week and time to stop and look back at the past week's reading. I'm linking up with The Sunday Post, hosted by Kimba @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Where I've been reading

On Sunday, I determined to finish One Corpse Too Many which had been checked out of the library because Monday was the first day of the Tackle your TBR read-a-thon. Obviously, I should be reading from my TBR stack for the rest of the week. Monday morning started with an early drive to the airport to catch a flight to Florida where I would be working all week. I was so sleepy that I dozed most of the flight instead of getting in two hours of reading as I had planned. We immediately went to work after landing, so I didn't have time to dig out my Kindle until after supper. That's how the week went until Thursday's flight home; work started early and ended late. The weekend was spent at home—although the two grandchildren (both 4 years old) spent the night over on Friday evening, further cutting into time to read.

What I've been reading

One Corpse Too Many by Ellis Peters Format: ePub
Source: library via Freading

I finished reading One Corpse Too Many on Sunday afternoon. This is the second book in Ellis Peters' medieval mystery series set in a Benedictine monastery in eastern England near the border with Wales. In this episode, 94 rebels were executed at Shrewsbury, but when the monks laid them out for burial, there were 95 bodies. Brother Cadfael sets out to discover who the 95th man was and why he had been murdered. As I said last week, I'm really enjoying this series and will get back to it as soon as the Tackle Your TBR read-a-thon is over.

Mission of Honor by David Weber Format: Kindle
Source: purchased in 2010 from Baen eBooks

Other than completing One Corpse Too Many, practically the only book I read this week was David Weber's Mission of Honor. Twelfth in Weber's Honor Harrington military Science Fiction series. I put this series on the list for my 2014 Series Challenge and have two more novels to read by the end of the year to catch up with the author. (I strongly suspect there will be more in the series over the next couple of years.) It's a very thick book, 880 pages in all, and with all the distractions from reading this week, I only completed 327 pages. I'm putting in extra reading time this next week to be able to finish it and move on to at least one more TBR before the read-a-thon is over.

Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford Format: Audio book
Source: purchased in 2014 from Audible

I've been listening to the unabridged recording of Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World for about one month now. I only listen when I'm alone in the car, so weeks can go by without making any progress in the book. I only have about 3 more hours to listen to, and with a business trip to Arkansas at the end of next week, I may actually finish this book. I've found it extremely interesting and may choose to pick up a similar book about some historical personality in the near future.

This week on the blog

Most of my posts this week were status updates for the Tackle Your TBR read-a-thon. I also posted the weekly Stacking the Shelves post listing the new books I received this week.

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  1. I really need to do the TBR challenge but I'm so behind on review books I didn't feel like I could. I figured I'd live vicariously through those of you that are tackling those massive TBRs! I have yet to read any Ellis Peters but I fully intend to one day!