Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dewey's Read-a-Thon: 5/8ths completed

Hour 15 Update

Reading Location: Back in my hotel room in Arcata, California. But I also read during dinner at Carmela's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Arcata.

Currently Reading: A Face Turned Backward by Lauren Haney

A Face Turned Backward by Lauren Haney

Total Pages read so far: 348 pages

Total Time spent reading so far: 489 minutes

Other Readers I have visited: None since the last post.

Mini-challenges completed: Introductory Questionnaire, E-Book Survey, MidEvent Survey, and Library Experience

Finished Books: 1: Shattered by Karen Robards

Shattered by Karen Robards

Comments: So, I stayed wide awake since the MidEvent Survey! Immediately after posting, we packed ourselves up to go find some place to eat supper. After driving around for a little while—during which I was navigating and couldn't really read—we settled on Carmela's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Arcata. The food was good, though the chips & salsa weren't as good as our favorite local restaurant back in Texas. I'm still reading A Face Turned Backward by Lauren Haney. It's a mystery set in ancient Egypt, second in a series of eight, and I am enjoying it very much. I have a couple of other books to choose from as the night goes on. And, on the way back to the hotel from supper, we stopped at a convenience store and I picked up 4 diet cokes to help me get through the wee hours of the night. And now, dear friends, I'm going back to reading.

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  1. This is your official Cheerleading Visit! Those others were just cause! ;) How are you doing, are you still awake? I feel pretty awake, but we'll see how that goes as soon as I'm done cheering! Hope it's going well for you, and I'll see ya later!