Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Summary: 23 August 2015

Vacation Week plus read-a-thon. What could be a better combination? This week is the 14th Bout of Books read-a-thon. It started on Monday morning and ends at midnight tonight. It's one of my favorite reading events, combining the focus on books and reading with a very social atmosphere.

Where I've been reading

In the early part of the week, hubby and I were winding our way home from Florida. We spent Sunday visiting with dear friends in Panama City, then headed out on Monday morning. We broke the trip up into two days, giving us the opportunity to sleep in (just a bit) before getting a wonderful freshly-cooked breakfast to start off the day. I read and read while hubby was responsible for driving. Well, I slept some, too. The car was cozy and there was no distraction from Internet and e-mail. We had smart phones, of course, but since we took the “back roads” part of the way, we were in areas with very poor cell coverage. That was fine with me—I had BOOKS.


What I've been reading: Completed this week

Book Cover: Destiny Rising by Siobhan Davis Book Cover: An Excellent Mystery by Ellis Peters Book Cover: The Cantor Wore Crinolines by Mark Schweizer

Destiny Rising by Siobhan Davis COYER book #19
An Excellent Mystery by Ellis Peters
The Cantor Wore Crinolines by Mark Schweizer COYER book #20

Book Cover: Indulgence in Death by J D Robb Book Cover: Mexican WhiteBoy by Matt de la Peña

Indulgence in Death by J. D. Robb
Mexican WhiteBoy by Matt de la Peña

What I've been reading: In progress

Book Cover: Mutant Legacy by Karen Haber Book Cover: The Novel Habits of Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith Book Cover: Treachery in Death by J D Robb

Mutant Legacy by Karen Haber
The Novel Habits of Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith
Treachery in Death by J. D. Robb

This Week on the Blog

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  1. I love J.D, Robb and I am so behind on the series. Enjoy your new books and have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you kindly! Am enjoying the books already.

  2. Brother Cadfael! I haven't read any of those books in years but I remember enjoying them a lot. Have a great week :)

    1. Thanks. I have a goal of finishing the Cadfael series by the end of the year. I need to read 2 or more per month for the rest of the year.

  3. I can't read when I'm in a moving vehicle or I feel sick. I'm not sure if it's real or psychosomatic but I envy you!

    1. I'd definitely get a lot less reading done if I couldn't read in the car. Someone has postulated that one reason why some people can read in a plane, but not in a car is because they can see the scenery out of the window and clearly tell that they are moving and within the plane there's no (or very little) visual indication of motion. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  4. I'm a fan of Matt de la Pena, he is such a good author. I can't read in a car, or a plane, or any moving vehicle, so I'm jealous that you can do that. :-)
    Check out my Sunday Post

    1. This was my first introduction to Matt de la Peña. I was impressed with Mexican Whiteboy and I'll be looking for other books by him.

      I was a teenager before I ever heard the term "car sick". I simply had never even thought that ANYONE would have a problem reading in the car! By then it was an ingrained habit.