Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Focus on Freading: Sister Joan Mysteries

For this week, I want to tell you all about a lovely series of mysteries set in a small village in Cornwall. As the series begins, Sister Joan of the Order of the Daughters of Compassion is being sent to the order's convent in Cornwall. She's just completed her fifth year as a nun. The order has a policy of keeping each household rather small and her home convent has been growing while the Conwall convent has lost a couple of elderly sisters. But, the Prioress of her home convent cautions Sister Joan and asks her to keep her eyes open after she arrives—something seems to be very wrong in Cornwall.

Book Cover: Vow of Obedience by Veronica Black In book after book, Sister Joan gets involved in murders. She winds up assisting Detective Sergeant Alan Mill solve murders in the small Cornwall community. And, in each volume, Sister Joan must struggle between her rebellious streak and the vows she took when she joined this cloistered order.

Freading offers all 11 books in the Sister Joan mystery series. Get started with A Vow of Silence and read straight through to A Vow of Evil. Sister Joan is an interesting character.

  1. A Vow of Silence (1990)
  2. A Vow of Chastity (1991)
  3. A Vow of Obedience (1993)
  4. A Vow of Sanctity (1993)
  5. A Vow of Devotion (1994)
  6. A Vow of Penance (1994)
  7. A Vow of Fidelity (1995)
  8. A Vow of Adoration (1996)
  9. A Vow of Poverty (1996)
  10. A Vow of Compassion (1997)
  11. A Vow of Evil (2004)

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