Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Education of Mary: A Little Miss of Color, 1832

The Education of Mary : A Little Miss of Color, 1832 This is one of the audio books that I "read" while commuting to and from the office over the past couple of weeks. I reached the end of the story just as I arrived in Grapevine this morning, so I returned it to the Grapevine Public Library.

Like the majority of Ann Rinaldi's historical fiction, this book stars characters who participated in the actual events told in the story. In 1832, Prudence Crandall decided to admit Sarah Harris as the first African American student in the boarding academy she ran in Canterbury, Connecticut. When the parents of the other students threatened to remove their daughters, Miss Crandall decided to close the school and reopen it as an academy for "young women and little misses of color". The Mary in the title is Sarah's younger sister who also attended the school, and the tale of the downfall of Miss Crandall's academy is told through her eyes.

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