Sunday, January 16, 2005

Colman by Monica Furlong

Colman Last year, while reading one of Tamora Pierce's Tortall novels, I noticed an ad in the back of the book for a trilogy written by Monica Furlong. I had read the first two books in the series several years ago, sending them to Jan as soon as I finished them, and was not even aware that the third book had been written. So, I asked my public library to obtain a copy of Colman for me. While I was waiting for Interlibrary Loan to come through, I checked out Wise Child from the Grapevine Library and read it again.

Colman picks up immediately after the events of Wise Child with Juniper, Wise Child, Cormac, and Colman abord the ship captained by Wise Child's father, Finbar. Eventually, they decide to go confer with Juniper's parents, the rulers of a territory in Cornwall. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they find the castle had been ransacked, her parents dead, and her brother being held captive by the Grey Knight and his wife.

Told in the first person by Colman, this story continues the saga of Wise Child as she grows into her skills as a doran in midieval Britain.

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