Monday, February 02, 2015

January Wrap-Up

In January, I completed 14 books which contained a total of 4391 pages. With a yearly goal of 200 books and 50,000 pages, that puts me 3 books behind schedule, but a couple of hundred pages ahead. February is a short month, so I don't want to fall any further behind.

Now some statistics. Of the 14 books which I read, 12 were electronic books, while only two were conventionally printed books. One book was a contemporary book for young adults, while four were adventure books for mid-grade kids. I read five mystery novels and three science fiction books. Four of the fourteen books were advance reader copies from NetGalley.

Budget-wise, I did very well. While I did buy five books, it was a net cost of $0.00 since I was spending only gift-card credit. And I have a lot of gift card credit left to spend.

In progress toward challenges, I have borrowed 8 library books toward a goal of 50. At that rate, I should complete the Snagged @ the Library and I Love Library Books challenges by mid-year.

I've written one review for the 42 Science Fiction Challenge, and I have read another SF novel and should be posting the review soon.

The mid-grade adventure books are suitable for the Eclectic Reader Challenge.

Progress toward all the reading challenges I have taken on this year is being recorded on my 2015 Challenges page.

Thanks to Mary Ann at Scrappystickyinkymess for the calendar graphic used in this post. Check her blog for other freebies.

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