Friday, June 22, 2012

#WWReatathon -- it's day 3 already

I didn't read very much yesterday. I found little spare time during the day to read. Finally, after supper, I was able to finish reading Lie Down in Green Pastures. This was the 3rd in an excellent series by Debbie Viguie. According to her website, the next volume in the series was due out on May 1, but I can't find it listed at Amazon or at Apparently it's been delayed. I'm sure I'll pick it up as soon as it is available since book #3 ended on a cliff-hanger.

Currently, I'm reading Ghost At Work, the first book in a brand new paranormal mystery series by Carolyn Hart. I found a little bit of time to read this morning, so now I'm at page 68. With a flight from Toronto to Dallas this afternoon, I might just finish the book and get started on another one. This is the only paper book that I brought with me, so whatever I do choose to read after Ghost At Work will have to be one of the 1454 books currently on my Kindle.

1454? Yes. And that's not accurate, because I have at least a dozen omnibus editions on the device—including the 1st four books in George R R Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice series. (Which might be better known by the title of book #1 which HBO adopted for it's dramatization of the story, A Game of Thrones.) With that said, I really don't think I'm going to get started on Martin's books. I'll probably open one of the many cozy mysteries or paranormal urban fiction books sitting there, waiting for me to find time for them.

As Read-a-Thons go, I've not done a terrible lot of reading, but with the weekend looming, it should get better.

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