Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reviews: The Gideon Trilogy by Linda Buckley-Archer

The Gideon Trilogy tells the story of two young teens, Peter Schock and Kate Dyer, who are catapulted back to the 18th century due to a chance encounter with an anti-gravity machine. The first book, The Time Travelers, is set both the present and 1763. Fortunately, upon arrival in the past the teens are befriended by Gideon Seymour, a reformed cutpurse now in service to the Byng family of Derbyshire. As The Time Travelers ends, Kate's father has located the kids and attempts to bring them home—unfortunately, Peter is left behind.

Book two, The Time Thief, begins as Kate and her father return to the present, but instead of Peter being with them, they brought back the Tar Man, a criminal from 1763. While the Tar Man quickly adjusts to modern-day London and embarks on a crime-spree, Kate and Peter's father attempt to return to 1763 to rescue Peter. But, a flaw in the time machine deposits them in 1792, in which they encounter a grown-up Peter.

The final book, The Time Quake, ties up the lost ends. Not only is Peter rescued from 1793 and returned to his own time and family, but we learn that due to splintering of the time line, another version of Peter remains behind to grow into the young man who encounters Kate and his father in 1792.

I don't remember when I picked up a copy of The Time Travelers, but in June, I offered it in the Teen VBB (Virtual Book Box) at BookObsessed and in August, it was selected by Melissa in Kansas. Although the rules of the VBB allowed me until 28 February to get it into the mail to her, I decided to deliver it in person in December. That did, however, mean that I hadn't finished reading it before I turned it over to her. So, I asked my library to locate a copy—which they very quickly did—allowing me to finish reading it before the end of the year. Having such success with the library, I had them order in the other two books in the trilogy, and I was able to finish the series by the end of January.

The two books which I read in January are counting toward the TwentyEleven Challenge as well as the 42 Challenge.

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