Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 Challenges: the first update

So, six weeks into this new year, how much progress have I been making on the challenges that I accepted? While I don't post enough items to the blog itself, I am doing a pretty good job in keeping the challenges status page up to date.

Starting with the first challenge that I accepted—TwentyEleven Challenge—you can see that I have completed two categories completely, meaning that I've read four of the twenty required books.

For the 42 Challenge, while I have completed 6 of 42 items, I have written reviews of only one. I need to buckle down and get those reviews written and posted either here or elsewhere so that I can cross them off my “to do” list.

The same situation exists with the Mystery and Suspense Challenge. Knowing that I would read many more than the target of 12 books, I extended the challenge a bit by charging myself to read and report on 12 books that fall into separate sub-genres. So, while I've read a total of 6 mysteries this year, only 4 of them will be counted toward this particular challenge. And yes, I need to get all the reviews posted.

Now where I'm making the most progress is in the Book Bucket Reading Challenge—where I'm attempting to work my way through books that were in my possession long before the year began. So far, I've completed 8 of the 50 books that I listed in late December. All-in-all, I'd say I'm making progress toward this goal and I definitely expect to complete the challenge well before the end of the year.

That leaves me with a couple of challenges that I haven't made much progress toward. The one that I think is going to give me the most trouble is the Take A Chance Challenge. Not only have I not read any books for this challenge, I've not even begun to make plans for adding any books into my reading schedule which would count toward this goal. Oh well, the year is young. I have a road trip coming up at the beginning of March, and I know I'll get a lot of reading done then. I'll just need to find one or two books which will help me meet this challenge and put them into my traveling library.

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