Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010: A Reading Retrospective

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It's time to summarize another year's reading. I have all the details dutifully recorded in a text file on my laptop. Periodically, I have posted that same list in a more web-friendly format at The Books of 2010. The simple facts: I read 160 books with a total of 51,296 pages. (Or page-equivalents. For electronic books or audio books, I use the page count from the mass-market paperback.) This is just a bit more than in 2009 when I read 138 books and 46,515 pages.

Now, what else do I know? Well, statistics say that this is an average of 13 books per month, 4275 pages per month, and 320 pages per book. My records tell me that I read the most books in December, with 18 books completed and the fewest in June with 8 books. Page-wise, I read 5906 pages in December and only 2034 in June. The shortest book I read was Five Have a Mystery to Solve by Enid Blyton, a young adult mystery with only 141 pages, while the longest book was a science fiction novel, Regenesis by C J Cherryh, which weighed in at 682 pages.

I read 126 books printed on paper, 26 in electronic format, and 7 unabridged audio books. By genre, there were 48 mysteries, 44 paranormal and urban fantasy (PUF), 19 science fiction, 14 classic fantasy, 12 romance and chick lit, 9 historical fiction, 4 mainstream novels, 2 Christian fiction, and 4 non-fiction books.

What's surprising is the drastic increase in PUF books. For a lady who barely read fantasy at all 4 years ago, this is an amazing change.

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