Friday, October 15, 2004

Two by Sue Grafton

In the last week, I read two of Sue Grafton's mystery novels. One turned out to be a re-read, but that's OK, I still enjoyed it. Now I"m ready to pick up her newest novel in the "Alphabet Series" as soon as I can locate it at my local public library.

"O" is for Outlaw was published in 1999, though the story is set around 1986. Grafton is taking a very slow pace through time for her character Kinsey Millhone compared to the time which passes for us readers. As I was reading the book, I realized that I had read it a year or so ago, but I continued reading since I was enjoying the story.

Fortunately, "P" is for Peril was not a re-read. For some reason, I found this book just a little confusing since there were three crimes, each with its own pair of villains. I'm still enjoying Kinsey Millhone and her mysteries, and look forward to picking up the "R" book from the library. (Yep, I've already read "Q" is for Quarry.)

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