Thursday, October 28, 2004

Errr... I got busy & forgot to post

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I simply got so busy that I forgot to update this blog with the information on the books I've been reading. Here are the most recent books I've finished.

An Accidental Woman I'm still confused about why Barbara Delinsky chose An Accidental Woman for the title of this novel. There are two accidents which figure into the book. One is the snowmobiling accident which left Poppy Blake in a wheelchair and the other is a fatal hit-and-run that Poppy's friend Heather is accused of. I enjoyed the novel, particularly how the murder mystery is developed and solved. Liking these characters, I called up the reviews at and found that this book is a sequel to Lake News. Guess what book is now on my wish list?

One for the Money Over Homecoming Weekend, Beth convinced me to check out the Stephanie Plum mystery novels by Janet Evanovich. I borrowed One for the Money from the Sanger Library and proceeded to start reading it on the airplane trip to Virginia last Wednesday. Between sleeping most of the way from Texas to Virginia and just getting busy visiting, I didn't finish this book until Sunday morning, the 24th. But, even though it took me a long time to read this book, I knew that I wanted to read the entire series and had already purchased the next book. (See below.)

Two for the Dough As its title proclaims, this is the second book in Janet Evanovich's series starring Stephanie Plum. Two for the Dough starts just a couple of months after One for the Money, and Stephanie is still trying to learn the ropes in her new job as a bounty hunter. One thing I particularly like is that the stories have just enough threat and thrill to be exciting without crossing over to gory and explicit. And the balance between serious and comic is extremely well done. I definitely recommend this series to those who enjoy murder mysteries, particularly those with a female protagonist.

The CompanionsI picked up this book solely based on the author. I have never been disappointed by any of Sherri Tepper's science fiction novels, and when I stumbled across The Companions in the bookstore this past weekend, I knew it was one I just had to read. Of course, I had to wrest it from Jan's hands with a promise to mail it to her as soon as I finished it.

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