Saturday, September 25, 2004

Mercy by Julie Garwood

Mercy OK, so I saw this book at the library, recognized the author, read the blurb on the jacket, checked it out, and put it on my "to be read" shelf. Then, when I was packing books for our move, I noted that a book named Mercy which I had already read was in the stack. At first, I thought I had already read the library book, but after a closer look, I realized that two of the authors I enjoy reading had written books with the same title. The other one was Mercy by Jodi Picault.

Garwood's novel was a nicely balanced combination of murder mystery and pot-boiling romance. The characters were quite likeable, and the good guys won out in the end. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre. One comment: I'm beginning to find it frustrating to keep reading about people who have lots of money and can just take off from their day-to-day life to pursue an interest. Can't an author come up with plots about middle-class people?

Books read for the 50 Book Challenge: 12
Books read in 2004: 106

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