Thursday, September 30, 2004

Falling Angels

Falling AngelsHaving read Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier, I have now read all of the books she has written. I certainly hope she is working on another one.

Chevalier has a particular skill in writing novels in historical settings, but with issues as up-to-date as contemporary fiction. This particular novel begins in 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria and ends in 1910 with the death of King Edward. Throughout the novel, action centers on the cemetery where Maude Coleman and Lavinia Waterhouse meet at the adjacent family plots. When Lavinia's family moves to Maude's neighborhood, the two girls become best friends. They return again and again to the cemetery as today's children would go to a local park to play. There, they meet Simon, a young boy who is already working with his father and the other gravediggers. These three young people come of age during the 10 years of the novel, and much of the story is told through their voices.

Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier was an excellent book. The story is told in narrative, with all of the characters getting a chance to present their point of view. This had the potential to be confusing, but Chevalier managed the changes from one character to another very well.

I was intrigued by the role that the women's suffrage movement in England played in this book. Particularly so yesterday when I listened to Anna Greenberg in an interview on the Diane Rehm Show as she discussed the role that women voters will play in this year's presidential elections.

Books read for the 50 Book Challenge: 13
Books read in 2004: 107


  1. Hi Elsi... I just came across your blog from the Composition Book group, and I love what you've done with keeping track of your books. I just started a blog out to do the same. Can you please give me tell me how to include the Amazon image link onto the blog. Thanks so much for the great idea, Anita

  2. Originally, I used a bookmarklet called BookPost which can be downloaded from Now, I write my own HTML using the web addresses I find at the site. If you'd rather use another online book seller such as Barnes & Noble, it would be easy enough to adapt the HTML. Feel free to copy mine (use View/Source) if you'd like.