Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Flirting with Pete

Wow! Flirting with Pete was definitely a great book, and I'm really glad that my mother-in-law passed this book along to me. Based on my past reading of Delinsky's books, I had kind of expected another steamy romance wrapped in a mystery, but this book was much more than that. Of course, there was a romance where the hero and heroine fall in love very quickly. But, there are two stories told in parallel and which eventually intersect; and the two side-by-side story lines were both captivating.

In one story, Casey Ellis is dealing with the grave illness of her mother and the sudden death of a father she had never met. Her father bequeaths his townhouse to her and as she is trying to decide whether to move into it or offer it for sale, she finds a manuscript left by her father. This manuscript tells the story of Jenny Clyde and her struggle to escape from an abusive father, our story number two. When these two stories converge, the characters discover unexpected ties and insights into their respective pasts.

I definitely recommend this book, and I plan to put a BookCrossing label into it and release it somewhere.

Books this year - 96

Books for the 50 Book Challenge - 2

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