Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Blogger Hop #3

The weekend is almost over and I'm just now finding time to update this reading blog. The Book Blogger Hop is almost over, so although I'll visit several [new to me] blogs, I don't expect many return visits this week. Unfortunately, those who visited me in prior weeks may have discovered that there were no new posts this week and decide not to be a regular reader of this blog. And, that's OK by me. I created the blog for me as a way of keeping track of what I read and occasionally posting what I think about the books that I read. If anyone else finds it interesting or useful, that's just a bonus.

So, who did I visit last week?

  • Life with Karma—Amy blogs about her life in Baltimore and books
  • Emily's Reading Room—Emily is celebrating her first anniversary as a blogger and has some awesome gifts that she's giving away.
  • Bookend Diaries—where Kelly posts reviews and recommendations for book clubs

In visiting the blogs of various readers this week, I discovered that I have missed out on Bloggiesta, a week-end to be spent spiffing up one's blog. Interestingly, I actually spent much of yesterday doing exactly that—copying my 2003 posts from the 50 Book Challenge community at LiveJournal, so that I'd have the book reviews readily available right here at Reading in Texas. Although I didn't officially join in Bloggiesta, I guess I anticipated it and participated in spirit.

If you're stopping by from the Hop, welcome! Leave a comment. I'll certainly visit your blog in return.

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  1. Hi, visiting via the Hop. I am a huge mystery/thriller fan so feel free to pop any recommendations my way.