Monday, June 08, 2009

The Edge of the World, Kevin J Anderson

Today's Orbiteer newsletter from Orbit books carries an announcement that Kevin Anderson's first fantasy novel, The Edge of the World was released this week. And, the newsletter asked for bloggers to help promote the book by posting the widget you see below. It's my pleasure to do so—for several reasons. First, is that I have enjoyed several of Anderson's SF novels, particularly his Craig Kreident novels from the 1990s. Second, Orbit books has been very generous in offering a $1.00 e-Book each month and it's nice to have a chance to pay back the favor.

I will point out that not only is The Edge of the World available as a trade paperback, the e-Books are available for Kindle and Sony readers.


Update: 19 April 2012——Well, they've removed the video from the Internet and the widget no longer works. So I'm replacing it with a copy of the book's cover.

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