Monday, February 21, 2005

Nights of Rain and Stars

Nights of Rain and Stars Nights of Rain and Stars is another delightful novel from Mave Binchy. This one is set in a small village in Greece, where four strangers from America, Ireland, England, and Germany are drawn together when they witness a tragic boat accident. As they watch the villagers cope with the horrific event and its aftermath, they learn more and more about each other and become close friends. All four are running away from something and looking for something to run towards.

Thomas' ex-wife has remarried and he wants for his son to get to know his step-father without being pulled in two directions. Elsa is running away from a lover whom she no longer trusts. David feels trapped by expectations that he will take over the family business though this is something that he detests. And Fiona has run off with a totally unsuitable man against the advice of her family and friends.

These four also forge friendships with some of the locals: Andreas who runs a tavern outside the village, Georgi his brother who is a policeman, Vonni an Irishwoman who has lived in the village for more than 30 years, and Maria the widow of the boat's owner. Vonni, now a wise woman of the village, plays a pivotal role in the lives of the four newfound friends, helping them to see the truth in their situations.

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