Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dragon's Kin

Dragon's Kin I'm really glad to see that Todd McCaffrey is now contributing to the lore of Pern. While there has been quite a bit of fan fiction written about Pern, Ann McCaffrey had asked that no one write in the same time frame as her books and not use her characters. Todd, as heir to the planet will be able to write in any time period. Dragon's Kin by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey begins during the second interval, which places it solidly between the time of the first book in the series Dragonflight and its prequels such as Dragonsdawn. The action in this newest novel is set in the Natalon mining camp and focuses on several young people who raise a hatchling watch-wher and discover much more about the abilities of these small kin to the dragons.

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  1. I if you liked this book that's great but personally I thought that it was horrible. Yes, there were times when the book was interesting but there were too many times when it was hard to read, hard to understand, or a combination of the two. Also the ending was horrible.(IF you haven't read the end then don't continue unless you want it "spoiled") They have a blind girl who can see heat signiatures, also the book is unclear or her blindness- at times all it seems is that she needs some strong glasses while other times she is in complete darkness. Also why was it that a watch-wher, or whatever, who was supposed to be bonded to Kindan, the person who gave it blood, feed it, slept with it, and other things, turned out to just be humoring him and was really the blind girl's; what about the ring on the egg's shell, did they just forget about that.

    I'm sorry but the book is crap, and if that's the best that they can do, I'm surprised she's even still writing.