Sunday, April 03, 2005

Every Boy's Got One

Every Boy's Got One Meg Cabot has once again created a rollicking good story. I don't think it's quite as zany as The Boy Next Door, but Every Boy's Got One is quite funny with just enough improbable situations to keep your attention.

And, when you've finished the novel, there's an addendum by Meg Cabot which tells you that much of the book come from her own experiences trying to get married in Italy. I very much enjoyed the book and am hoping to get my hands on Boy Meets Girl fairly soon.


  1. Hi, Elsi!

    Thanks for leaving some comments on my blog (obsesdreader). ;)

    Your blog is very cool! Love all the pics of the books. :)

    I've got "The Boy Next Door" by Meg Cabot coming to me from a fellow Bookcrosser! Haven't read anything by this author, yet, though. :)

  2. omg i know i love tht book!!!i am half way and i can't put it down and im only 14!i ;love every thing and i want a cal!!:)!!