Sunday, December 26, 2004

Mystery and Cooking

Custard's Last Stand This book has been the first one in my "currently reading" list for months and months. Truth be told, I got really sick of it and simply set it aside. Custard's Last Stand is the eleventh book in Tamar Myers' series set in a Pennsylvania Dutch community. Mennonite Madgelena Yoder is the proprietor of a bed and breakfast which caters to the rich and famous. The plots have tons of puns and silly plot twists and in general are fun to just breeze through. For some reason, I got really fed up with the characters and just did not want to continue reading. But, having reached my 50 Book goal, I decided that this book wasn't going to be carried over into 2005. So, I set myself to reading it each time we took out of here in the car. And, again to be honest, I did enjoy reading it — even sharing some of the funnier lines with Steven as he drove.

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